Sunday, January 10, 2016

Detailed Clickable Index for Jamstix Drum Software Tutorials

About a year ago, I put together a series of four videos teaching people the basics and some moderately in-depth tricks about using the Jamstix drum production software, produced by Rayzoon. I had a request in the Jamstix forums to create a clickable index, so I went through the four videos this evening and created such an index.

Before I get to that index, here are links to the four blog posts for the videos:

    Part 1 - Jamstix, an Easy Way to Create Drum Tracks
    Part 2 - Covering All the Basic Operations
    Part 3 - Intermediate and Advanced Editing
    Part 4 - Options, the Bar Editor, and Final Thoughts

And next I have the more detailed clickable index. Click on the timing numbers down the left side, and it will open the relevant video at the correct starting time.

Part 1 of 4 - Jamstix, an Easy Way to Create Drum Tracks

00:00 - Introduction to myself and to my tutorial channel.
02:45 - Who is Jamstix for? What does it do?
10:38 - A simple demo, and a basic sample song.
14:57 - Intended uses. Why use Jamstix instead of a different drum production package?
21:09 - Slightly technical stuff, plus DAW's and plug-ins.
24:10 - How it works. General concepts, the brain, drum modules, more DAW stuff.
34:25 - Controlling the brain. And overview of styles and drummers.
39:46 - Understanding songs, parts, and bars.
42:58 - How does Jamstix compose? The groove layer, the aspect layer, and the fill layer.
50:31 - Three ways to approach composition.
52:38 - A quick overview of the Jamstix User Interface, plus a basic screen tour.

Part 2 of 4 - Covering All the Basic Operations

00:00 - Introduction, topics in this part of the series.
02:41 - A few quick notes about Cubase.
07:23 - Using the Song Builder: Presets, or build your own. Picking the style, drummer, kit, and song layout.
22:38 - Simple routing to an external drum module (ie. Addictive, BFD, EZDrummer).
25:34 - Song Sheet, part 1: An in-depth examination.
33:48 - Drum Kits: An in-depth examination.
42:08 - Setting output routings (this is in the middle of the drum kits section).
42:57 - Back to the drum kit in-depth examination.
46:50 - Editing a piece of your drum kit.
48:50 - The Mixer: An in-depth examination.
52:55 - Using an external MIDI controller.

Part 3 of 4 - Intermediate and Advanced Editing

00:00 - Introduction, topics in this part of the series.
05:43 - A few quick notes about the using Reaper as a DAW or Audio Editor.
08:15 - Reaper set-up and technical notes.
11:51 - The Transport: An in-depth examination.
21:54 - Dragging and dropping MIDI data from a previous performance into your DAW.
25:29 - Using live loops while performing in real-time.
28:08 - Song Sheet, part 2: More stuff that I missed earlier, including bars and parts.
35:56 - The Brain, part 1: An in-depth examination.

Part 4 of 4 - Options, the Bar Editor, and Final Thoughts

00:00 - Introduction, topics in this part of the series.
01:07 - A few notes about using Ableton Live, and a few cool tricks.
09:28 - Brain Controls, part 2: More in-depth stuff.
12:48 - Bar Editor: An in-depth examination.
27:23 - Style and Drummer models, and the Brain's approach to composition.
30:55 - The Options Menu.
36:20 - Time Signature changes.
37:51 - Jamming along with audio.
38:57 - Using Restore Points.
39:40 - My final thoughts and comments.

Alright, that should help some people out. If you discover any problems in the links above, email me at Also, even more importantly, if you find this software to be useful, please share a link to the first part in the tutorial series, or share my full list of tutorial and other music-related videos from Thanks for watching!

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