Sunday, January 17, 2016

Collaborating with Remote Artists

In today's world of bedroom studios and global collaboration, it's not uncommon to find musicians working with friends who are based in other towns or cities, or even in distant countries.

If you're a producer who has a friend in another location, and you'd like them to record some instrument or vocal tracks for one of your projects, the process is not that difficult.  However, it can be intimidating for a musician who has never tried it before.  This video should help.

In the video, I've tried to explain how a musician with a basic (but good quality) portable audio recorder can lay down some tracks for a producer, check on a laptop that the recording levels were appropriate (using free software called Audacity), and then share the audio files with a producer using Dropbox or a similar service.

The target audience for this video is producers who need to coach musicians through the process of creating and sharing such a recording, and for musicians who want to record their instrumental or vocal performances to be used in professional-sounding music.  Total run-time on the video is about forty minutes.

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