Sunday, January 4, 2015

Simple Audio Editing Tutorial

I've been working on a couple of microphone review videos this weekend, and in each, I did a bit of audio editing of test recordings. These weren't high-quality comparison testing recordings, where the microphones were lab-tested against competing brands, just short tests of a few of my favorite current microphones (studio condenser mics, a lav mic, and a shotgun mic). In each of the videos, I did some simple audio editing to tidy up the video, similar to what I might have done if I was using the audio in a project. The steps included some basic noise reduction, some equalization, and adding a light touch of reverb. To spare the effort of explaining what I was doing in each microphone video, and keep them shorter, I figured that I'd do a separate video to explain those steps in detail, so just the people who were curious could learn more, and it wouldn't detract from the microphone reviews. Here is that video:

Later this week, I'll add links to some of those other microphone review videos here, for anyone who is curious. Here's the first one:

I also referred to another tutorial during the middle of this video. Here's a link to that other tutorial, which talks in even more detail about basic editing of voiceovers for DJ mixes and other spoken word editing:

I also have quite a few other tutorial videos relating to DJ'ing, audio editing software, and studio equipment. I've got an organized list of those videos in the index of my "videos" page on my main website. If you're interested in any of those topics, you should bookmark this page right now:

Thanks for your interest in this series, and thanks for sharing this post or links to any of the videos.

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