Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Audio Recording tutorial #07: Basic MIDI Recording

I just put part seven of my Audio Recording tutorial series online (and I have some additional study notes further down in this post). This series is more related to home studio work than it is to DJ'ing, although I'm still covering the very basics of audio engineering and production work. This series is eventually going to expand into about thirty different videos about simple recording and audio engineering, everything from the basics of recording instruments and vocals, to the use of MIDI, to the theory of sound and audio, and eventually a number of advanced editing and recording techniques.

Audio Recording Tutorial #07: Basic MIDI Recording

In this video, we start exploring basic MIDI recording. I start off with a very brief overview of MIDI, then move into a practical, hands-on tutorial where I play a song on an electronic piano keyboard and record it into Pro Tools. I then do a couple of very basic edits, so you understand how note data can be edited.

If you want to download the audio files that I was using in this video, to better hear the audio (or experiment with it) in your own home studio setup, here’s a link to a zipped folder containing the relevant files. Remember that this is TINY compared to the download files for previous videos. MIDI data takes up almost no space. This file is only 27 kilobytes, compared to the audio files for tutorials two through five which were about a thousand times larger:


Links about MIDI:

I also have quite a few other tutorial videos relating to DJ'ing, audio editing software, and studio equipment. I've got an organized list of those videos in the index of my "videos" page on my main website. If you're interested in any of those topics, you should bookmark this page right now:


Thanks for your interest in this series, and thanks for sharing this post or links to any of the videos.

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