Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mix: Bolivia, "Live at the Las Vegas Castles, 2011-08-06"

This past weekend I was in Las Vegas for the annual DefCon computer hacker convention. I've got a lot of friends who go to the convention regularly, and a lot of the people that I travelled to Antarctica with are at the convention every year too, so I ran into dozens of people that I knew. And there are a lot of parties there, so it's easy to find places to play (although I regrettably had to decline playing at the big Sunday night pool party at the Rumor).

I recorded my sets from Friday and Saturday night. I'll post a link to the Friday night set shortly, but right now, I've got the Saturday night set online.

For Saturday night, the regular Ninja Party didn't happen because the main organizer, Barkode, has been pretty sick. That was an immense party last year, and my set is online here if anyone wants to learn a bit more. But because of the situation with Barkode, the Ninjas opted for a more subdued (but still very classy) event at the Las Vegas Mini-Castles. And because of the nature of the event, rather than playing my usual style, I did a four-hour set of deep house.

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Here are track listings for the set. I actually repeated one track (not entirely on purpose), although the backing drums are a bit different the second time I was mixing around that particular track:

01. Agaric, "No Way I Know I Feel" (Axel Boman Remix).
02. Marvin Zeyss, "Next To You" (Maya Jane Coles Remix).
03. Jamie Jones, Hot Natured, & Lee Foss, "Forward Motion" (Original Mix).
04. Noir Haze, "Around" (Solomun Vox Remix).
05. Die Vogel, "Fratzengulasch" (Original Mix).
06. Shlomi Aber, "New York Dreamer" (Alix Alvarez Remix).
07. Danny Daze, "Fall Away From Love" (Original Mix).
08. Maya Jane Coles, "You" (Edu Imbernon Remix).
09. DC Salas, "Peru" (Original Mix).
10. Pattern Select, "Tale Of The Tape" (Cottam Mix).
11. Homework, "Hold Me Tight" (Phil Weeks Remix).
12. Vincenzo & Talking Props, "Seduction" (Jimpster Remix).
13. Laid Back, "Bakerman" (Soul Clap Remix).
14. Maya Jane Coles, "What They Say" (Dyed Soundroom Remix).
15. Kollektiv Turmstrasse, "Heimat" (Robags Turmkolle Rekksmow).
16. Solomun, "Love Recycled" (Original Mix).
17. Danny Daze, "Your Everything" (Original Mix).
18. Sebo K, "Mr Duke" (Original Mix).
19. Kollektiv Turmstrasse, "Heimat" (Robags Turmkolle Rekksmow).
20. Thugfucker, "Disco Gnome" (Tale Of Us Remix).
21. Christophe, "The Force" (Julio Bashmore Piano Mix).
22. Maceo Plex, "Falling" (Original Mix).
23. Brigante, Ali Love, & Luca C, "Different Morals" (Clockwork Remix).
24. Nick Curly, "If U Like" (Original Mix).
25. AFMB, "In My Life" (Original Mix).
26. Soul Clap & Art Department, "We Call Love" (DJ Harvey Remix).
27. Laura Jones, "Love In Me" (Original Mix).
28. Sascha Dive, "Kama Kama" (Original Mix).
29. Larse, "The More I Want" (Eivissa Edit).
30. Waifs & Strays, "Yeah Yeah" (Original Mix).
31. Lazaro Casanova, "Morning Confession" (Original Mix).
32. Martin Dawson, "Is This Goodbye" (Tale Of Us Remix).
33. Lovebirds, "Want You In My Soul" (Hot Toddy Remix).
34. Osunlade, "Envision" (Ame Remix).
35. Kings Of Tomorrow, "Finally" (Sandy Rivera & C Castel Deeper Remix).
36. Maya Jane Coles, "What They Say" (Dyed Soundroom Remix).
37. Humate, "Love Stimulation" (Vincenzo Remix).
38. Maya Jane Coles, "Little One" (Original Mix).

Check back here later this week or early next week for the download links for my Friday night set, which was more of an upbeat dance-floor set.

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