Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Peppermill

Peppermill Records is a fun little netlabel based in the mountains of British Columbia, attempting to make interesting musical art. Although the label is sort of a Collective, a friend of mine, PK, is a driving force behind the entity.

Peppermill specializes in collaborative projects, with artists taking part from every corner of the planet. All the albums they make are free downloads once they're finished.

As their website suggests, "Because Peppermill is totally non-profit, we don't have money to spend on promos and so we highly encourage you to spread the word! If you like one of our releases, let your friends know, and write about us in your blog. Shout our names from the highest peak. Tattoo 'peppermill' across your bicep. Anything to help us grow! That way we can convince more talented people to take part in our projects, and we all win." So right now, I'm making this post to help promote them.

I first came across Peppermill when Peter mentioned it to me, because they published a double album of tree-planting songs. It was called, Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees. The songs were brilliantly witting and topical to the industry, and the album was well done. I promoted it on my tree planting website, and thousands of planters are familiar with the project.

Right now, Peppermill is in the middle of a rather intimidating project called 2999. Every Friday night for a full year (except New Year's Eve), they're releasing a new track by a different producer. The project started back in July, so they still have a full year to go. Basically, they asked their producers to envision what the world might look like 989 (now 988) years from now, to soundtrack the end of the 30th century. The works are often electronica-based, experimental, and avante-garde. Very innovative and creative stuff. If you're into that kind of music, I think you'll definitely find it to be very enjoyable. Click on the graphic above to go to the 2999 Project page on the Peppermill website.