Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bolivia's "Atlantic Provinces" Mix Series

As I'm travelling across Canada, I'm trying to find time to catch up on a few more things on my website's "To Do" list, when I'm not actually behind the wheel. Here are archival links to three more of my older mixes from the end of 2006.

These mixes were an effort to use a bunch of old vinyl progressive house tracks that I had always liked, but had never managed to include in other regular mixes. The first one was used as an exclusive mix for a web collective (the now-defunct Lyrical Smelter) in Newfoundland who had asked me to put together a mix for their site, so I simply called it "Newfoundland." Since I wasn't feeling particularly creative, when I got to the next couple mixes, I just named them after other Atlantic Canadian provinces. But then I stopped before I got to the final mix (Prince Edward Island) of the planned four-mix series, so only three ever got completed. But at least I used up all of the vinyl tracks that I had set aside.

My older "Music To Code By" series had a lot of vocals in the tracks. These mixes had far fewer vocals. These are generally deeper and darker tracks than I had usually used in shows or studio mixes in the past.

Edit, January 21st, 2017:  These three mixes can be downloaded as part of an archive of 15 of DJ Bolivia's older mixes, from the following Google Drive link:

The mixes are compressed as a RAR archive, which can be opened natively in Windows.  If you're using a Mac, you can use free utilities to open the RAR (popular examples are "The Unarchiver" and the "UnRarX" app).  The password to open the archive is simply 'bolivia' and the size of the download is 2.5 gigabytes.  If you have problems downloading this archive from the above Google Drive link, you can email DJ Bolivia at for an alternate download link.

Additional information about finding any of DJ Bolivia's older mixes can be found at this link:

Thanks for your interest in these old historical mixes!

Mix Name: "Newfoundland"
Details: 59 minutes playing time, 131 bpm progressive/tribal house.
Recorded: November 6th, 2006.

Track Listings:
01. Breeder, "New York FM." [Van Bellen Remix]. Written, produced, and mixed by Rowan Blades and Simon Noble. Thanks to Tomboy. Remix and additional production by Van Bellen for Red Parrot Management.
02. Gainer & Rogers, "Futurenature." [Original Mix]. Written, produced, and engineered by P. Rogers & C. Gaines. Copyright 2004, Sumsonic Recordings.
03. Martin H. & Tony Price presents Spin 33, "Believe." [Martin H. Remix]. Written & produced by Martin H. & Tony Price, Remix by Martin H. Copyright 2005, Method Records.
04. Casa Bulga, "Afraid Of Change." [Tribal Vocal Mix]. From the team of Coast To Coast. Produced by Stan Kolev & Sir Oliver. Written by Olivier Berger and Stan Kolev. Published by Sounds For People Publishing, Inc. Executive producers: Pierre ZonZon & Marc Sacheli. Copyright SFP Records, Inc.
05. Dirty Fours, "Machines." Written, produced, and performed by the Dirty Fours. Recorded at NuBreed Studio, Bonnici/Walburgh/Catherine. Published by Copyright Control. Mastered by Tony 'Jack The Bear' Mantz at Sing Sing, Melbourne. Copyright 2004, Stomp Pty Ltd.
06. Chab, "Matica." [Matrix Remix]. Written & produced by Chab. Distributed by Amato, Units 13-14 Barley Shotts Business Park, 246 Acklam Road, London, V10 5YG.
07. Slacker, "What A Dream." [Promo Mix]. Written and produced by Shem McCauley. Published by EMI Music. Copyright 2004, Jukebox In The Sky Music.
08. Fred Numf vs. Etienne Overdijk feat B. Birnie, "Hear An Echo." [Dub Mix]. Written and produced by F. Van Eck, E. Overdijk, and B. Birnie. Published by Enormous Music. Licensed from Fred Numf Productions/Southbound Music. Copyright 2005, Oxygen Recordings, a division of Spinninrecords.NL.
09. Gardner & Thomas, "Turn to Try." [Danceteria Mix]. Written and produced by Michael Thomas & Dave Gardner, West Meadow Beach, New York. Engineered by Michael Thomas at Blackwatch Studio, New York. Lyrics by Dave Gardner and Michael Thomas. Vocals by Emmanuel. Copyright 2002, Hooj Choons Ltd.
10. Coldplay, "Talk." [Junkie XL Remix]. White label, 2006.

Mix Name: "New Brunswick"
Details: 59 minutes playing time, 131 bpm progressive/tribal house.
Recorded: December 26th, 2006.

Track Listings:
01. Durango 95 feat. Sudha, "BigRedWoosh." [Pablo Gargano 'Bum Bum Remix']. Written & Produced by Danny Newman at Turnmills Studio. Additional Remix & Production by Pablo Gargano for EVE Records. DutyFree Publishing, EMI. Copyright 2001, DutyFree Publishing.
02. D-Formation, "Signs & Portents." [Original BF's Version]. Produced by DJ Dimas. Written by Dimas Carbajo, J.J. de la Fuente, Percussion by BulBul. Copyright 2003, King Ediciones Musicales.
03. Piliavin & Zimbardo, "Just Once." Produced by Paul Jackson & Gary Wilson for Distraekt Productions. Mixed & Arranged by Paul Jackson & Gary Wilson. Recorded at Distraekt Studios. A&R by Melvin Moore. Copyright Control. Copyright 2002, Subliminal Records Inc.
04. Tony Thomas, "Hypno." Written & Produced by A Thomas. Published by Geometry/Westbury Publishing. Copyright 2002, Honchos Music.
05. Dan Berkson, "The Other Side." Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Dan Berkson at Pickerton Studios, London. A&R by Melvin Moore. Copyright 2002, Subliminal Records Inc.
06. D-Formation, "Carry On." [Original Version]. Produced by DJ Dimas, wWritten by Dimas Carbajo, J.J. de la Fuente. Copyright 2003.
07. Corellian, "State Of Mind." Written & Produced by C. Cutbush & G. Collins at Nostrum Studios, Wiltshire. Publich c/o MCPS/Flair. Copyright 2000, Fire Recordings Ltd.
08. Bighead, "R U High." [Salco Black & White Mix]. Copyright 2003, 12th Hour Records.
09. Tilt, "Twelve." [Dousk Mix]. Written and Produced by Mick Park & Andy Moor. Published by Copyright Control. Copyright 2004, Lost Language Recordings.
10. Junkie XL, "Don't Wake Up Policeman." [Extended Mix]. Music written by T. Holkenborg. Lyrics written by C. Hinze. Produced by Junkie XL. Mixed & Mastered by T. Holkenborg. Recorded at the Computer Hell Cabin, Amsterdam. Additional programming & sounds by Andre Ettema. Published by Future In Computer Hell Music & Keytone Music. Extracts taken from the original recording of "Sleepy Policeman" composed by Cris Hinze, Peter Tosh, Sly Dunbar, Robby Shakespeare, and others, used with permission from Keytone Productions. Copyright 2003, The All Blacks B.V.

Mix Name: "Nova Scotia"
Details: 64 minutes playing time, 130 bpm progressive/tribal house.
Recorded: January 1st, 2007.

Track Listings:
01. Red Moon, "Lucky."
02. Unknown White Label.
03. Sub Project, "Dark Sessions" [Mix 1].
04. Knight's Groove, "The First" [Relent Dub Mix].
05. Fred Patterson, "Magnifique" [Chus & Ceballos Iberican Mix].
06. 2 Boys 1 Girl, "U Know Nothing" [Xzique Remix].
07. Headz, "Shenmue" [Original].
08. Visionary, "Higher Feeling" [Mateo Murphy Remix].
09. Bjork, "Kindness Kind" [Delikate Impostors Remix].