Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DJ'ing at the Photosynthesis Festival in Seattle, 2009

The set that I played at the Photosynthesis 2.0 Festival in Trout Lake, Washington (on August 7th) is now online.

The set is a little over two hours long, and it was a spontaneous show. I showed up at the festival on Friday night, just to relax for the weekend and help my friend TProphet, who was running the Techno Barn stage for the weekend. However, five minutes after I arrived, someone asked me if I would be willing to play since the scheduled DJ was stuck in traffic and couldn't make it in time for his set. I ended up playing in that slot, plus the one immediately afterward (for the same reason), which gave me a completely unexpected two-hour set. I wasn't really mentally prepared for this, so my programming & mixing was a bit disjointed for the first half hour, but then I got into a groove and had a lot of fun with the set.


Here’s the track listing from the set:

   01. Arnold, "Am I."
   02. DJ Wope, "My Generation."
   03. Artificial Dreamer, "Dusted."
   04. Audionova & Electrobios, "Pacific."
   05. Prospect, "Tok."
   06. Wawa & Thomas Gold, "Latin Thing."
   07. Dfuzhion, "Unidentified."
   08. Carl Jurgen, "City Lights."
   09. KT, "Riders On The Storm."
   10. Sensorica & Omen, "Another Day."
   11. Mark Ronson, "Oh My God."
   12. Danny Teneglia, "D'Ibiza."
   13. Nicholas Van Orton, "Evil Forces."
   14. Etienne Osborne, "Drums Of Afrika."
   15. Creamer & K, "Forget The World."
   16. Reead, "Nobody's Innocent."
   17. Basement Jaxx, "Raindrops."
   18. Kurd Maverick, "All Over The World."
   19. MattLok, "Rock The Box."
   20. Heaven & Earth, "And Let's Disco."
   21. Bailey & Fauvrelle, "Pushing Beatz."
   22. Cedrick Gervais, "Electro Therapy."
   23. Maska, "Late."
   24. Chris Scott and Dmitry Bobrov, "Too Much Is Not Enough."

You'll notice that I didn't list the exact remix that I used for each track. That's because none of them are conventional remixes. I've started taking every track that I play in sets and doing a "Bolivia's Edit" on the track. I usually cut out the major breakdowns entirely, to keep the dance floor moving. Sometimes I mix and match between a couple different remixes of a particular track. For mid-volume breakdowns, I often increase the volume a few decibels. I add one or two effects throughout the track, or drop-outs on key beats. And then finally, I boost with a hard limiter so the volume ends up being fairly consistent throughout, even through the breakdowns. All in all, that keeps the dance floor a lot more aggressive and energetic. If I ever want to give the dancers a quick break, I can reduce volumes on breakdowns on the mixer. I find this keeps things fresh and higher energy. I'll keep a few originals with breakdowns in my crate, so I can play to a lower energy level early in the set if necessary, or so I can give the dance floor a real break late in the night, but 90% of the tracks that I play are ones that I've modified before the show.

This was the second year for Photosynthesis. The festival was organized by Kyle Bove, a friend of mine from Seattle who is a talented musician himself. It featured some really amazing acts over the weekend, including the Lawn Chair Generals, Amon Tobin, Daedelus, and Kid Koala (and about fifty other talented acts). In addition, a big highlight for me was getting introduced to the music of Bryan Zentz, who played a set starting about an hour after I finished. To put it quite simply, he rocked. It's probably been about three or four years since I've enjoyed a set as much as his, and I've seen some pretty top notch "A-Class" DJ's in the past few years. I think that a lot of the tracks he played were his own productions, and I was thoroughly impressed. If you like progressive house, check out his work.

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Anyway, please email the link to the mix to any of your friends who might like listening. It's not quite as professional as the set that I recorded in Vegas the week before, but there are a lot of good tracks in here. Only eight of the twenty four tracks in this set were also in my recent Vegas set, so the two mixes don't overlap much.


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