Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sean Keating Wins John Digweed's "Structures" Contest

A good friend of mine from Halifax, who is also a music producer and one of Canada's top progressive house DJ's, has just won the "Structures" contest sponsored by John Digweed. Essentially, the entrants had to put together a short (thirty minute) mix, which was to be reviewed by a group of very prestigious judges, including Digweed himself, plus Oliver Lieb, Nick Muir, Gavin Kingsley (King Unique), Robert Babicz. Anyone who has followed the scene for the past decade and a half knows that these are some really heavy hitters. Mind you, Sean has been one of Canada's top progressive house DJ's for over a decade, in my opinion.

As a result of winning the contest, Sean's mix (probably expanded to a full hour) will be featured on the Transitions show on August 26th. As a side bonus, Sean also gets a copy of Ableton Live 8 Suite along with Novation’s Launchpad & ZeRO SLMKII combo.


I've featured quite a few of Sean's mixes on my own site, over the years. With the change in my server/hosting back in June, I ended up removing all of the mixes by DJ's other than myself. However, I've just re-uploaded a dozen of my favorites of Sean's mixes from over the years, to a different server. You'll be able to download all of these by clicking on any of the following links:'_The_Drum_Fantastic.mp3

One of the best things about all these mixes is that they were all done several years ago. Nowadays, almost anyone can make a good-sounding mix by using programs like Virtual DJ or Ableton Live. But it takes talent to record a mix live in the studio using only turntables or maybe pitch-controlled CD players. And almost all of these mixes were done on vinyl, with just a little bit of CD mixing on a couple of the most recent mixes.

I can't find track listings (yet) for "And Now For Something Completely Different" or "SYSS v1" or "Frenetic." But for the rest of the mixes listed above, here are the track listings:

Track Listings for "Breakwater" (76 minutes, 2004) are as follows:
01. Petter, "These Days" (Sasha Edit).
02. Luke Chable & Smight, "Dark Angel."
03. Powerplant ft Trout, "Turn It Into Gold" (Madoka's Faded Memories Mix).
04. Jase From Outta Space, "Do What You Want" (Infusion Breaks Mix).
05. Steve May, "Open Day" (Luke Chable Quakes & Craters Mix).
06. Chable & Fernandez, "Before You Beat My Box."
07. Sasha, "Motorola" (Moonline & Shootie Breakass Remix).
08. Uberzone & Rennie Pilgrem, "Cous Cous" (Sean's Edit of Royale Mix).
09. Gus Gus, "David" (Luke Chable Remix).
10. Way Out West, "Apollo."

Track Listings for "Frenetic" (76 minutes) are as follows:
01. Rhythm Code, "Midnight Express" (Grigory Fatyanov Re-Edit).
02. Sebastien Leger, "Majuro."
03. Unknown, "Feel My Sister" (Ned Shepard Edit).
04. Inkfish & David West, "Hello Piano" (Sebastien Leger Remix).
05. Astronivo, "Anything You Want" (Beckers Remix).
06. Serge Devant, "Addicted" (Sultan & Ned Shepard Dub).
07. Dousk vs Jay Lumen, "Discodelic Army Of Two" (Sean Keating Mashup).
08. D-Nox & Beckers vs Sultan & Ned Shepard, "Airtight Pressure" (Sean Keating Mashup).
09. DCLA, "I Want You" (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix).
10. Nadia Ali, "Love Story" (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix).
11. James Harcourt, "Call & Response."
12. Lemon Popsicle, "Turn The Tights" (Kaiser Souzai Remix).
13. Umek & Beltek, "Is It."

Track Listings for "Hiatus" (117 minutes, 2008) are as follows:
01. Last Atlant, "A Priori" (Eelke Kleijn).
02. Eelke Kleijn, "On The Edge" (Dub).
03. Johan Vermeulen, "Mindgame."
04. Dinka, "Chemistry."
05. Pryda, "F12."
06. Quivver, "Surin."
07. Deadmau5, "Alone With You."
08. KOS, "Karalis."
09. Lake & Leger, "Ghost."
10. Scope, "Toronto."
11. Tim Davison, "Spark" (Jay Lumen).
12. Kosmas Epsilon, "Titans" (Distant Fragment).
13. Slytek, "Nettle Crush."
14. Lutzenkirchen, "Paperboy" (D-Nox & Beckers).
15. Peter Gun, Terzi, "Acapulco."
16. J-Soul, "Daybreak."
17. Inkfish, Cid Inc., "Summerfrost."
18. Steve Mill, "Lia" (Freekteaser).
19. White Label.

Track Listings for "SYSS v2" (60 minutes, 2005) are as follows:
01. Damien Heck ft Michelle Chivers, "Deep Reveal." [4mal's Breathing Air Intro].
02. Bart Van Wissen, "Inside Out."
03. Kaan Duzarat, "Generalized Other."
04. Nufrequency, "808." [Instrumental].
05. Luke Fair, "34K."
06. Luke Chable, "String Theory."
07. Yvel & Tristan, "Imagination."
08. Sander Kleinenberg, "Repeat To Specify."
09. Son Kite, "Focus." [Shiloh Remix Edit].

Track Listings for "SYSS v4" (240 minutes) are as follows:
01. Mono, "Galactica." [Edit].
02. Illusion feat Dacamp, "Lost Days." [Disco Boys Dub].
03. Jonathen Troupin, "Turn To Torn."
04. Axwell, "Feel The Vibe." [Tocadisco].
05. Lisa Shaw, "Cherry." [Eric's 5RW Remix Edit].
06. Lisa Stansfield, "If I Hadn't Got You." [Markus Gardeweg Mix Edit].
07. Jasper Dahlback, "Nothing Is For Real." [Mark Knight].
08. Naili & Picandet, "I Wanna Be." [Nathen Hawks Dub].
09. Pryda, "Aftermath." [Paolo Mojo].
10. Gus Gus, "David." [King Unique].
11. Tom Neville, "Never Lose Your Grip."
12. Eurythmics, "I've Got A Life." [Guetta & Garraud Vox].
13. Der Dritte Raum, "Narkonaut."
14. Maltezer, "Geeser." [Big Mince].
15. Madonna, "Hung Up." [Bill Hamel].
16. Deep Dish, "Sacramento." [Audiofly Vox].
17. Dirtbox, "Gutterstylz."
18. Can Costa & Kosmas Epsilon, "Che Malakita."
19. Freeform 5, "No More Conversation." [Mylo Mix Edit].
20. Mylo, "Muscle Car." [Sander Kleinenberg].
21. Gee & Lighter, "Heaven." [Fraser Manning Edit].
22. Dave Lambert, "Yeah."
23. John Acquaviva, "Zombie."
24. White label.
25. Fonzerelli, "Moonlight Party." [Fraser Manning Dub Edit].
26. ATFC feat Day, "Reach Out For Me." [Haji Instrumental].
27. Studio B vs Tom Neville, "I See Girls." [Luke Fair Dub Edit].
28. Bucketheads, "The Bomb." [Remix].
29. Hi Tack, "Say Say Say." [Tocadisco Edit].
30. White label.
31. MV, "Mr. Roboto." [Stef Vrolijk].
32. Haji & Emanuel, "Take Me Away." [Dub].
33. Dave Lambert, "House In Play."
34. VFR, "Tranceillusion." [Luke Dzierzek].
35. Flash Brothers, "Mirage." [Shmuel Flash Punk Mix Edit].
36. Rob Mooney, "Feelin' Electro." [Valentino Mix].
37. Absolute & Blades, "Downward." [Thomas Penton Mix].
38. Sultan & Tonedepth present All Mashed Up, "Hale Bopp Killer."

Track Listings for "SYSS v5" (80 minutes) are as follows:
01. Blu Mar Ten, "Everywhere Why." [Svengali Edit].
02. Mashtronic, "Supernova." [Demi & 16 Bit Lolitas Remix].
03. Axwell, "Feel The Vibe." [Seamus Haji Mix].
04. Wise, "Again." [An-2 Mix].
05. Switch, "A Bit Patchy." [Prydz].
06. Supermodels From Paris, "Keep On."
07. Chris Lake, "Hype."
08. Phatjak, "Dirty Sunday." [Dimi Phaze].
09. Gabi Newman, "Eva."
10. Ramsay, "Shake That Thing."
11. Mashtronic, "Force."
12. Daft Punk, "Robot Rock." [Shiloh Mix].
13. Killahurtz, "Weird Brother."
14. Mark Dynamix feat. Jaytech, "Identify Me." [Instrumental].
15. Mashtronic & Mike McGuire, "Water Bloom."
16. Alex "Axx" Koss, "Leader Of The 3rd Generation."
17. Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks, "Dreams." [Axwell Mix].

Track Listings for "SYSS v6" (168 minutes) are as follows:
01. The Remote, "Please Don't Change Your Mind" [Risvi & Casselle].
02. Sebastien Leger, "Hypnotized" [Chris Lake Instrumental].
03. Sarah McLeod, "He Doesn't Love You" [Hook 'n' Sling Mix].
04. Tronic Inc., "Beloved."
05. Deep Dish, "Sacramento" [Spider & Legaz Dub].
06. Last Rhythm, "Last Rhythm" [MTV].
07. Chris Lake & Trophy Twins, "Check This."
08. DJ Sonic, "Together" [Stephan Luke].
09. Henrik B., "Overrun."
10. Hard Rock Sofa, "Sonic Purpose" [Genderfix].
11. Tronic Inc., "Nightlights" [Jupiter Ace].
12. Mason, "Exceeder" [MTV].
13. Kaskade, "Be Still" [Rivera].
14. Shafunkers, "Play Around" [Mashtronic].
15. Max Graham, "Space Disco."
16. M-Factor, "Open Your Eyes" [Smax & Gold].
17. Unknown white label.
18. Smax & Gold, "S Punk."
29. Skye n Sugarstarr, "Watching You Watching Me."
20. Max Graham, "Cosmic Disco."
21. 16 Bit Lolitas vs Motorcycle, "Deep Breathe Sedna" [Dave Dresden Mashup].
22. Salzger & Lifelike, "Radio 84" [Mashtronic].
23. Ian Carey, "Say What You Want" [Smax & Gold].
24. Michael Gray, "Borderline" [Ian Carey Dub].
25. Alican & Soner, "Overrun."
26. Greed vs Sonic Cube, "Divine" [Dub].
27. Luke Chable & Shiloh, "Sentrino."

Track Listings for "Tribal Ground" (60 minutes, 2004) are as follows:
01. Colors & Legaz, "Crysalis (Reprise)." Stereo Productions.
02. Altocamet, "Passion Descalza." [Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Dub]. Shinichi.
03. Peter Bailey, "Tonight." [Pete's Main Vocal Mix]. Harlem Records.
04. Planet Funk, "Who Said." [Planet Funk Club Mix]. Bustin' Loose Recordings.
05. Eddie Amador, "Shake It." [Dean Coleman Respekt Dub]. Yoshitoshi.
06. Finger Fest Inc., "Chemical Whore." [Dubadon]. Choo Choo Records.
07. Julian Poker pres. Re:Construction, "Re1:One." Intenso Recordings.
08. Sars, "Overbooking." Intenso Recordings.
09. Dimas pres. D-Formation, "Starstuff." [Simon & Shaker's Bladerunning Mix]. Intenso Recordings.
10. O.R.N., "The Decision." Sex On Wax.

Track Listings for "Tripping The Drum Fantastic" (77 minutes) are as follows:
01. Dr. Kucho, "Forbidden Planet." [Sean's Intro Edit].
02. Juan Magan & Cesar Del Rio, "Midnight Rumours."
03. Cannus, Colors & Legaz, "Sonice (Instrumental)."
04. Indart pres. The Plaze Crew, "In Destiny."
05. Junior Jack, "E Samba." [E Wawa Bootleg].
06. Perfect Sense, "Niamey."
07. Greek Salad, Vol. 2.
08. Amani & Teapot, "No Borders." [Hook Theories Remix].
09. Dimas & Martinez, "Death Of My Soul."
10. Matthew Dekay & Alvredo, "Symbiosis." [Herbal Dub].
11. Panoptic, "Surface."
12. Matthew Dekay Band, "Higher Thoughts."

Track Listings for "Voracious" (62 minutes, 2005) are as follows:
01. Toni Rojas & Marcos Cruz, "I Love You." Serial Killer.
02. Dean Coleman & Hernan Cattaneo, "Behind The Music." Bimotor.
03. Anoma, "Island." [Corbett & Troia Mix Edit]. Harlem.
04. Troia vs. Morrison, "When The Music's Over." [White Label MP3]. May also be listed as Vinny Troia, "When The Dub's Over." [Curve].
05. Sucker DJ's, "It's Gotta Be." [Chus & Ceballos Remix]. Azuli Silver.
06. Dominic Plaza, "Sundown." TUSOM.
07. Luke Fair, "Digital." Precint. Formerly known as an unreleased version of Agent 001 - Faakson.
08. Morel, "If You Love Me." [Dean Coleman Respekt Vocal]. Yoshitoshi.
09. David Guetta feat. JD Davis, "The World Is Mine." [Deep Dish Remix]. Virgin.
10. Audiofly feat. Page Scott, "Is This For Real." [M.A.S. Collective Club Mix]. Modo.

I'm not sure which is my favorite, because there are so many that I have listened to dozens of times. I often recommend "Trippin' The Drum Fantastic" as a starter mix, and a few of my friends often recommend SYSS v4 as a more mainstream popular mix, but that doesn't necessarily mean that either of those two are the best. Also, I'm missing versions 3 and 7 of the SYSS series. If anyone has either of them, I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a copy using YouSendIt or a similar service. If I get either, I'll post them here. You could send them to

Anyway, a big congratulations to Sean for topping the contest. Check out Sean's website at:

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