Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mix: Bolivia, "Live on the Akademik Ioffe"

And finally, here's the third set that I played a few weeks ago. Again, a different style: this one is a little under three hours of tech-house, recorded in the ship's lounge on the RV Akademik Ioffe scientific expedition ship.

I was a little hesitant to put this set online. Technically speaking, this is the most chaotic of the three sets that I played. I did this in Ableton, but I had no ability to cue background tracks because I was using a borrowed laptop without a USB sound card (audio coming out of the headphone jack), and I had to mix everything visually based on the waveform files that Ableton showed me. I was also using a mouse, which was better than the scroll pad, but it still precluded me from playing with the EQ controls or doing really smooth fades. No effects either. So a lot of the mixes are more the start/stop type, and I just tried to time them well. The end result was that the first hour has some unconventional mixing at times, and the section from the twenty-five minute to thirty minute mark is something that I wish I could do over. But I've listened to the mix several times over the past few days, and also has a lot of good stuff in it.

This mix can be downloaded as part of an archive of all 28 of DJ Bolivia's available recordings of live shows, from the following Google Drive link:

The recordings are compressed as a RAR archive, which can be opened natively in Windows.  If you're using a Mac, you can use a free utility to open the RAR (popular examples are "The Unarchiver" and the "UnRarX" app).  The password to open the archive is simply 'bolivia' and the size of the download is 5.6 gigabytes.  If you have problems downloading this archive from the above Google Drive link, you can email DJ Bolivia at for an alternate download link.

Additional information about finding any of DJ Bolivia's older mixes can be found at this link:

Thanks for your interest in these old historical mixes!

Here are the track listings from this particular set:

01. Kozin Escodero Dessy, "Little Cafe" (Preview Mix).
02. Jerry Aseret, "Fever" (Dub Mix).
03. Falko Richtberg & Sebastian Wojkowski, "Salt & Bread" (Audiojacks Bottle & Spring Remix).
04. Larix, "To Defeat" (Original Mix).
05. Michael Woods, "Nitro" (Original Club Mix).
06. Toge, "Shiver" (Riot Remix).
07. Alexander Som, "Dirty Bonita" (Original Mix).
08. Christian Smith, "Automatic" (Original Mix).
09. Cristian Exploited, "Drunko" (Dirty Secretz Remix).
10. Timothy Allan, "Bring It Back" (Original Mix).
11. Umek, "Gatex 2010" (Original Mix).
12. Christian Smith, "East Village" (Original Mix).
13. Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge, "Wongel" (Original Mix).
14. Da Fresh, "Once Again" (Original Mix).
15. Wender A, "Audio Therapy" (Original Mix).
16. Wender A, "Mothership In Sao Paulo" (Original Mix).
17. Bolivia, "Global Underground" (David Anthony Remix).
18. Thomas Penton & DJ Samer, "No Left Turn" (Kotoswitch Remix).
19. Geshe, "Question Mark" (Tech Mix).
20. Frank Garcia, "I Say To You" (Original Mix).
21. Diffuse Members, "Mikrofon" (Original Mix).
22. Lazy Jay, "After Dark" (Mystique & Amro Mix).
23. Stefano Noferini, "Mama" (Back Home Mix).
24. Sebjak, "Bigger" (Paul Thomas & Myke Smith Remix).
25. Manuel De La Mare & Marshall, "Blackbird" (Original Mix).
26. Piatto, "MC202" (Original Mix).
27. Technical Lovers, "Off The Cuff" (Original Mix).
28. Umek, "Gatex 2010" (Original Mix).

I also had a couple dozen other progressive house tracks and some house loops playing subtly in the background. Maybe not as subtly as in my last set, because quite often you can specifically tell what they are. Still, I considered them to be background filler material, so I didn't include them in the track listings above. In the future though, I'll probably try to concentrate more on loops and non-vocal segments rather than fuller tracks.

By the way, since the evening started out as a "tuxedo night" theme, I also played jazz for an hour and a half before I started this set, but I didn't bother recording that part of the evening.

If anyone reading this is a member of any message boards where other people might enjoy listening to this mix, I'd really appreciate you sharing the link to this post. Here's the specific URL:

Also, you can click here to see my full photo galleries from the trip.