Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Time Keeps Marching On" (Jonathan Clark)

I just finished working on a song this evening (not electronic/dance music), and I have copyrighted it and registered it with SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada). I'm posting it here as a public record of the date and time of copyright. At the present time, I am posting only the lyrics, although I may add a professional recording at some point in the future. If any singers/artists want to cover this song, please feel free to go ahead as long as proper attribution is given so that my composer/author royalties will accrue properly.

Jonathan Clark – “Time Keeps Marching On”

Chords:  Repeating Am, F, C, G in verses and chorus, with G, Am, F, G in bridge.

Mood:  Melancholy.  Suggested tempo approximately 63 bpm.

Setting/Plot:  Singer (gender unknown) is thinking about someone who is presumably his partner/lover.  It becomes apparent that that person has departed, and that the singer is depressed about the situation, hoping that it will change.  The passage of time is indicated throughout the song by changing time references in the choruses, and it become apparent by the end of the song that the partner/lover is not going to return.  There is no indication throughout the song why the partner/lover has departed. Perhaps it was a quarrel, or perhaps the person fell in love with someone else.  The listener will probably be waiting throughout the song for clues to explain why the partner/lover has left, but the question will never be answered.

Plot Twist:  Perhaps a music video could provide hints or visual cues throughout the song that perhaps the lovers were in a quarrel, but at the end, suddenly reveal that the lover got into a vehicle accident while texting and driving.  A video could reveal any number of surprise endings.

What we did
You and me
Without a care
All because
You were there

Staying here in bed all day, I
Can’t believe you went away
Someday soon maybe you’ll come back
Time keeps marching on

Things you said
Forever caught
In my head
I had with you
Your easy smile
It haunts me too

Saying prayers in bed all day, it’s
Been a while since you went away
Someday soon maybe you’ll come back
Yet time keeps marching on

Solo Section Here – probably just some Am chords

I’m not too sure, what I can do
I can’t stop thinking thoughts of you
How do I go back in time, and
Change ….          

Keeps Marching On
It slowly ticks
From dusk ‘til dawn
Awake, alone
A lonely house
An empty home

Praying here in bed all day, it’s
Been so long since you went away
I understand that you won’t be back
It’s time to get my life on track
You won’t return, I must accept
Although it hasn’t hit me yet
I never will repay your debt
And time keeps marching on
Time keeps marching on

Time keeps marching on

Works and music copyright 2014, Jonathan Clark
Registered with SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada), on December 14th, 2014, as Work # A1408096.  My IPI number is 547338531.

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