Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to CUE on a DJ Mixer - a Video Tutorial

When you're a DJ, playing on a DJ mixer that you're not familiar with can be a bit of an adventure. The most complicated part of learning a new mixer usually relates to trying to figure out how to cue music properly. Here's another DJ'ing tutorial video, for DJ's who are trying to understand how different manufacturers might set up their cue functions, and I used two popular brands (Pioneer vs Allen & Heath) to illustrate.

I have to say thanks to a friend of mine in London (UK), DJ Alex Black. She and I were talking about the challenges that DJ's face when switching to new mixers, so it was her that inspired the production of this video. She's a DJ that has some mixes online that I really, really enjoy, a mix of tech-house, deep house, and all that sort of style. You can follow her on Mixcloud at this link:

If you like the sound of either of the tracks played during the breaks between sections, of them are available as free downloads. Go to SoundCloud and do a search for: "dj bolivia global underground"

I have quite a few videos online now relating to DJ'ing, music production, audio recording, learning various traditional instruments, and all kinds of other music-related topics. Hopefully you'll find many of them to be interesting. To see a complete organized list, you should visit and bookmark this page:

Again, thanks for your interest in this series, and thanks for sharing this post or links to any of the videos.

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