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DJ Bolivia - Live at Club Maasai (Arusha), 2013-11-30

This is the last (and my favorite) of three shows that I recorded while I was travelling in Africa last month. This was recorded during a set at a club called "Club Maasai" in Arusha, Tanzania.

Maasai was a fun club. Good prices, lots of room to dance, and a friendly crowd. Their local resident DJ, Mathew Miller, was also very helpful. Also, a shout out to Laila Raza for helping arrange the show for me. Thanks, Laila!!

This mix can be downloaded as part of an archive of all 28 of DJ Bolivia's available recordings of live shows, from the following Google Drive link:

The recordings are compressed as a RAR archive, which can be opened natively in Windows.  If you're using a Mac, you can use a free utility to open the RAR (popular examples are "The Unarchiver" and the "UnRarX" app).  The password to open the archive is simply 'bolivia' and the size of the download is 5.6 gigabytes.  If you have problems downloading this archive from the above Google Drive link, you can email DJ Bolivia at for an alternate download link.

Additional information about finding any of DJ Bolivia's older mixes can be found at this link:

Thanks for your interest in these old historical mixes!

And here is a link on Soundcloud:

Although this set was at a club, and it seemed to be be a slightly more mainstream venue than Treehouse, I played a set that was a mix of house, tech-house, and techno, but definitely on the harder side. The tempo was a bit slow, at 126bpm throughout. The set, which was about an hour and a half long, was recorded on a Zoom H1 portable audio recorder, on a line coming out of the mixer, so the EQ'ing was captured.

Anyway, here are the track listing from my set:

01. Alvaro R, "Tribe79" (Original Mix).
02. Saeed Younan & Filthy Rich, "Shamanic Voices" (Paco Maroto Remix).
03. Roger Shah, Sian, Kosheen, "Hide U" (Jerome Robins Vocal Mix).
04. Marco Vistosi, "Hierbas Whirl" (Original Mix).
05. Pere F & Joan Roca, "American Speech" (DJahir Miranda & TecHouzer Remix).
06. Bolivia, "Global Underground" (DJ Nard Instrumental).
07. Do Santos, "What We Want" (Original Mix).
08. Ricky Castelli, "Flash" (Original Mix).
09. Ti & Ti, "Cala Conta" (Original Mix).
10. Luca M & Just2, "Orion" (Original Mix).
11. Shiloh, "Pathogen" (Patrick Carrera & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix).
12. Konstantin Yoodza, "Turbulence" (Original Mix).
13. Antonio Jimenez & Pepo WB, "Bald" (Original Mix).
14. Leonardo Gonnelli, "Kima Law" (Original Club Mix).
15. Simon Doty, "A Certain Kind Of Something" (Original Club Mix).
16. Umek, "100 Percent Sure" (Original Mix).
17. DJ Wady, "Power Man" (Original Mix).
18. Souljackerz & Rude Vinyl, "Forbidden Love" (Funky Truckerz Remix).
19. Filterheadz, "Atlantic" (Original Mix).
20. Jonathan Maltaya, "Omega" (Original Mix).
21. Luca Cassani, "Gluttony" (Original Mix).
22. Phunk Investigation, "Let The Bass Kick" (Original Club Mix).

Here's the best part! If you'd like to listen to this set in high quality audio AND have something interesting on the screen, I used this set as the backing audio for a compilation of all of my best footage from my Africa trip. So I have ninety minutes of video footage, from Kenya & Tanzania, as a YouTube video, with this set as the backing audio. Of course, I didn't have a high-end professional camera, or even a tripod, so it isn't a pro video. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. But you can judge for yourself:

Finally, here are links on Soundcloud to the two other sets that I played while I was in Africa last month:

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