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Music To Code By, volumes 1-3

Several years ago, I noticed that a lot of traffic was being driven to my website by Microsoft blogger Dan Fernandez. He had a very active blog back from about 2003-2006 (and still updates it occasionally), and in one post, he mentioned that he was listening to one of my DJ mixes while doing some coding work. Once I saw that, I actually contacted him (since I was a computer science student back in the days of punch-cards and 8-bit assembly, and even now I still code my websites by hand in a text editor, which is admittedly lame). We've corresponded frequently over the years.

Anyway, he commented that the type of music I played was pretty good to have as background music for computer "programming" work, because it was high energy and didn't have a lot of vocals, so it wasn't distracting for someone who was trying to concentrate on something intellectual. I decided to do a series of mixes called "Music To Code By." These mixes became pretty popular on the internet, and indirectly ended up being the reason that I've become friends with a number of people over the years, and they have therefore really shaped my lifestyle and DJ career over time. They also led to things like my first big show (GDC in San Jose back in 2006), my involvement with the DefCon Hacker's Conferences (through tProphet, who discovered me through these mixes), and my trip to Antarctica (again, through Pinguino & friends, hacker-related).

Although the mixes have always been available from the mix page on my main website, they've become buried in a flood of other music lately, and the track listings associated with the mixes have also disappeared from the website. As a result, I've decided to repost them here in my blog, so people doing Google searches can find the track listings again. So here are links once again to the first three of the six mixes in the series, along with track listings. I'll dig up track listings for the second half of the series next week and post them too.

All of these mixes were done "live" with vinyl on turntables. Ah, the "good old days." Click here to view the post about volumes 4-6 of this series.

Edit, January 13th, 2017:  These three mixes can be now downloaded as part of an archive of 15 of DJ Bolivia's older mixes, from the following Google Drive link:

The mixes are compressed as a RAR archive, which can be opened natively in Windows.  If you're using a Mac, you can use free utilities to open the RAR (popular examples are "The Unarchiver" and the "UnRarX" app).  The password to open the archive is simply 'bolivia' and the size of the download is 2.5 gigabytes.  If you have problems downloading this archive from the above Google Drive link, you can email DJ Bolivia at for an alternate download link.

Additional information about finding any of DJ Bolivia's older mixes can be found at this link:

Thanks for your interest in these old historical mixes!

Mix Name: "I Never Expected This" (MTCB, vol. 1 of 6)
Details: 64 minutes playing time, 132 bpm progressive/tribal house.
Recorded: November 7th, 2004.

Track Listings:
01. Todd Hodder, "Looking Back." [Dub]. Written and produced by Todd Hodder, Copyright 2004.
02. Lisa German, "Where Are We." [Original]. Written and produced by Lisa German. Recorded at Focus Studios. Exclusive distribution by Amato Distribution.
03. Robert Travis, "Seduction." [Avanti Mix]. Written and produced by Robert Travis. Suisa copyright control. Exclusively distributed via Amato.
04. Sumantri, "Imagination." [Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan Remix]. Written and produced by Sumantri Limin. Lyrics & vocals by Karissa Habibie. Remix and additional production by Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan. Copyright 2004, Vapour Recordings.
05. DJ Fist, "Beat The Drums." Composed and produced by DJ Fist. Published by D-Plac Productions. Distributed by Cyber Productions. Copyright 2004, Pool e Music.
06. The House Mafia, "Drive By." [DJ GoGo Mix]. Written by Alex Buchanan & Paul Jackson. Produced and arranged by Alex Buchanan and Paul Jackson. Remix and additional production by DJ GoGo. Copyright 2004, Minimal Records.
07. MV, "Come Back To Me." Written and produced by Martin Villeneuve. Copyright 2004, Joystick Music.
08. Mike Morales, "Dream Shattered." [Original Mix]. Written by Mike Morales and produced by Mike Morales, Carlos Fauvrelle, and Frank Maurel. Additional remix production by Maurel & Fauvrelle. Copyright 2003, Lajja Recordings.
09. Intastella, "Junkies." [Original Mix]. Written and produced by L. Morrison and A. Milliner. Exclusive distribution by Amato Distribution.
10. Chris Cargo, "Saddle Funk." [Graeme L Remix]. Written and produced by Chris Cargo and Dave Lievense. Remix and additional production by Graeme Laverty at Central Studios, Belfast. Copyright 2004, Mixmaster Recordings.
11. Probspot, "Discotheque." Written and produced by Rikard Fredriksson at the VLS Studio, Stockholm. Copyright 2004, Lost Language Recordings.

Mix Name: "Memory Leak" (MTCB, vol. 2 of 6)
Details: 64 minutes playing time, 132 bpm progressive/tribal house.
Recorded: December 5th, 2004.

Track Listings:
01. Celeda, "The Underground." [Acapella]. Written by Victoria Sharpe & Peter Rauhofer. Produced, mixed, & arranged by Peter Rauhpfer for Unique Productions.
02. Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan, "Simplicity." [Original Mix]. Written and produced by Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan. Copyright 2004, Vapour Recordings.
03. Nick K vs Rocco Mundo, "It's A Dream." Written and produced by Nick Kazemian & Rocco Mundo. Published by Strengholt Music Group/Sperwer Publishing/Nanada Publishing.
04. Taylor, "Xenophobe." [Original Mix]. Written and produced by Taylor. Copyright 2004, Sunkissed Records.
05. Hellpass, "Spin." [Original Mix]. Written and produced by Andrew Byrne/Hellpass. Distributed by Unique.
06. Salco, "R We Ok." [Tribal Mix]. Written and produced by Mark Dearden. Manufactured and managed by Alexlee Professional Music Management. Distributed worldwide by Unique.
07. Trancesetters, "Beat Freak." [Kamisshake XXL Remix]. Written and produced by Dobre & Jamez. Published by Jamez Music/Somefour. Remix and additional production by Kami. Copyright 2004, Cool Pool Ltd., trading as Azuli Records.
08. G. Pal & El Greco, "A Prayer Beneath." Mixed and produced by George Pallikaris at Utopia Studios. Published by Utopia Island Music. Copyright 2004, Swift Records.
09. Little Green Men, "Morena." [Little Green Dub]. Written and produced by Chris Scott & Scott Bradford. Copyright 2004, Forensic Records.
10. EBTG, "Five Fathoms." [Steve Porter & John Debo Mix].
11. Quivver, "These Are The Days." [Dub Mix]. Written, produced, and arranged by John Graham. Distributed by Intergroove. Managed by Critical Rhythm. Copyright 2004, BozBoz Recordings.
12. Hip Service, "Badaboom Badabing." [Drax & Gooding Cafe Mambo Remix]. Written and produced by Steve Anderson, Alan Bremner, and Dave Seaman. Published by Universal Music/Chrysalis Music. Remix and additional production by A. Routh & P. Gooding. Mixed at Room With A View Studios, Ibiza. Copyright 2004, Audio Therapy.

Mix Name: "Exception Handler" (MTCB, vol. 3 of 6)
Details: 60 minutes playing time, 131 bpm progressive/tribal house.
Recorded: December 28th, 2004.

Track Listings:

01. Clubbervision, "Dream Off." [Original Mix]. Written and produced by Daniel Ferreira & Jorge Garcia. Copyright 2004, Politik Records, LLC.
02. ADF, "Obsession." [Original Mix]. Written and produced by A. Filipucci at Random Studio (pg) Italy. Copyright 2004, Method Records.
03. Dave Gardner, "Zoomin'." [Original Mix]. Written and produced by Dave Gardner and Ophir Star. Engineered by Ophir Star at Kalisher 13. Additional production by Andy Holt. Copyright 2004, Whoop! Records.
04. Miss Kittin, "Professional Distortion." [Subsky In Your Face Mix]. White Label.
05. Andre Absolut & Eric Blade, "Dropzone." [Loader Mix]. Written and produced by Andre Abt and Erich Blattler. Remix and additional production by Peter Lavelle & Steven S. Mastered at High Hat Studios, Sweeden. Copyright 2003, SOG Records.
06. Sleepfreaks, "Distant Mellow." Written, produced, and engineered by M. O'Brien and P. Rogers. Recorded and mixed at 'The Facility'. Copyright 2001, Sumsonic Recordings.
07. Avatar, "The Haze." [Greed's Twisted Soul Remix]. Written by John Elliott & John Paul Denton. Remix and additional production by Tobias Wirz. Copyright 2004, SOG Records.
08. Quivver, "Boz Boz." [Central Rush Remix]. Written and produced by John Graham. Additional remix and production by Mark Chu. Copyright 2004, Baroque Records.
09. Oscar Goldman, "Thrust 2." [Paranoid Jack Remix]. Written and produced by Lee Coombs. Published by Reverb. Copyright 2004, Thrust Recordings.
10. Benz & MD, "Spiagia." Written and produced by Greg Benz and Marco Di Carlo. Copyright 2004, Baroque Records.

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