Monday, March 28, 2011

Felguk Video from Halifax

Felguk is the stage name of the Brazilian DJ's and music producer duo Felipe Lozinsky and Gustavo Rozenthal. Felguk were brought into the Paragon on March 5th, 2010, by a friend of mine, the late Galen MacDonald (GTM Group). Thanks to Felguk, the Paragon, and GTM for their assistance in getting footage to create this video:


Audio backing tracks used in this video include:

0:00 Felguk, "Buzz Me" (Rework 2011 Master).
2:03 Felguk, "Galaxy Traveller" (Original Mix).
4:32 Felguk, "Side By Side" (Felguk Intro Mix).

Click here for a discography of the group.

Unfortunately, the footage that was taken that night was almost lost due to a major malfunction in the camera used. Galen and I talked about it last summer, when I was working out west and initially tried to start editing. He was disappointed that the footage had been lost and it wouldn't be possible to complete the video. However, I rediscovered the tapes again last week and by using some older cameras in the my studio, I eventually managed to recover a small amount which was used to put this video together. If you look closely at the final video, you can still see a few skips and artifacts that I regrettably had to include, since there was so little good footage that I could recover. However, I think that if Galen was still around, he'd be very happy to know that something came together eventually.