Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yukon Blonde

Last night was about the first regular Saturday night that I remember in many years where I was in Sackville while there were students around but I did NOT have to work or have a show. I was a little apprehensive about the thought of actually relaxing and having fun on a Saturday night (not that work and playing gigs aren't fun), but the evening ended up being far more enjoyable than I expected, by the end of it.

I found out that there was a pair of bands playing in town, namely Greg MacPherson and Yukon Blonde. This had some interesting potential, since I had actually met Yukon Blonde in Vancouver a year ago when they were recording out at my good friend Shawn Cole's studio, Fadermaster. I think I ran into them at Mushroom too.

Anyway, Shawn recorded their self-titled full-length album that came out earlier this year. The album is great - it was nominated for this year's Polaris Prize, which is pretty prestigious as far as the Canadian music scene goes. Here's the video for "Wind Blows," the only song from the album that I could find with a real video:

YouTube link:

Both groups put on an enjoyable performance. The show was at the Royal Canadian Legion. That was pretty cool too, since it was the first time I had ever been in there (despite the fact that one of my grandfathers served in the Canadian Navy). For those who didn't know, the Legion is one of Canada's largest community based service organizations, with nearly half a million members across Canada who contribute millions of dollars and volunteer hours for a huge variety of projects and causes.

Despite the time of year, Yukon Blonde (photo below) is NOT on their way to the Halifax Pop Explosion this coming week - their next shows are in New York. They've got quite a few shows lined up over the next month, so check them out if you can. Their MySpace profile has a list of upcoming shows: