Sunday, October 12, 2014

Proton Radio Guest Mix, 2014-10-12

I just did a two-hour guest mix on Proton Radio, for the DJ Mag UK Sound Lab show. You can download a copy below, or see the track listings. Special thanks to Rodolfo Sotelo for making this happen.

This particular mix is a combination of some of my favorite tech-house and techno tracks that I've been listening to for the past two or three weeks. It starts out with some deeper tracks, and then the energy levels ramp up throughout the set. If you like it, check out some of the episodes of my weekly tech-house radio show, Subterranean Homesick Grooves.

Here's a Link to download this mix:

(Go into the Studio mixes folder then the Guest Mixes sub-folder).

Here are the track listings:

01. Duss - Remont (Original Mix).
02. Yuriy Berliny - Cosmopolis (Original Mix).
03. From Siberia - Amfiton (Original Mix).
04. Analog Effect & Jay Junior - Diffuser (Original Mix).
05. Sergio Fernandez - Sub Zero (Original Mix).
06. Oscar Barila - Raw Girlz (Andre Butano & Demian Muller Remix).
07. Stefano Noferini & Samuel Dan - Harrys' Code (Samuel Dan Dark Mix).
08. Mattias Coll - Sydney (Original Mix).
09. Oscar Escapa - Kalkat (Original Mix).
10. Will Gold & Manuel De La Mare - Warehouse 47 (Original Mix).
11. Oxy Beat - Is Wild Life (Original Mix).
12. Simon Doty - Never Or Now (Original Mix).
13. Tony Campos - Shake It (Original Mix).
14. Manuel Maga - Carambola (Original Mix).
15. Dwayne Minard & Division 4 - Physical High (Marco Maniera Remix).
16. MStyles - Dirty (Original Mix).
17. Luis Ferro & Cyberx - A Few Good Men (Original Mix).
18. DJ Sean Johnson - Calm Explinationz (Original Mix).
19. FormatB - Magic Button (Wehbba Remix).
20. DJ Glic - Hell Boys (Original Mix).
21. Skymate - Pull The Strength (Original Mix).
22. Macromism - Phaze Out (Original Mix).
23. Josh DaFunk, Optimuss, & Sergio Padro - Shift (Original Mix).
24. Paride Saraceni - Keep Focus (Original Mix).
25. Miss Ingrid - Space (Original Mix).

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