Sunday, February 24, 2013

DJ Bolivia - Live in Ottawa, 2013-02-22 (Ritual Nights)

I just got back from a quick trip to Ottawa, where I was booked to play a show for Ritual Nights. This was another psy-trance set, which you can download below.

I was booked at this event by Ian Chardine, a promoter who helps with bookings at a couple events and venues in Ottawa. I think I've been pretty lucky with the promoters that have booked me in the past few years, because once again, things went flawlessly, from transportation to accommodations to hospitality.

This mix can be downloaded as part of an archive of all 28 of DJ Bolivia's available recordings of live shows, from the following Google Drive link:

The recordings are compressed as a RAR archive, which can be opened natively in Windows.  If you're using a Mac, you can use a free utility to open the RAR (popular examples are "The Unarchiver" and the "UnRarX" app).  The password to open the archive is simply 'bolivia' and the size of the download is 5.6 gigabytes.  If you have problems downloading this archive from the above Google Drive link, you can email DJ Bolivia at for an alternate download link.

Additional information about finding any of DJ Bolivia's older mixes can be found at this link:

Thanks for your interest in these old historical mixes!

And here's a link on MixCloud:

Obviously, psy-trance is not quite my normal style for DJ'ing, since I usually play progressive-house or tech-house in EDM-focused venues, or more mainstream dance tracks at some other clubs. But this was my second psy-trance event in the past couple of months, and the high energy is pretty infecting. I think I'm actually going to try to play more psy-trance events and less tech-house in the future. If you want to check out a psy-trance set that I played recently in Beijing (China), after you're done on this page, click here for the Beijing set.

Anyway, here's the track list from my set:

01. S Range, "Kick Back" (Original Mix).
02. Lyctum, "Catalyzer" (Odd Sequence).
03. Coming Soon, "Ayahuasca" (Original Mix).
04. North Sector, "Spring" (Original Mix).
05. Jacob, "I'm Leaving" (Original Mix).
06. CoralMoon, "Circles Edge" (Original Mix).
07. Coral, "Neon Summer" (Original Mix).
08. 2minds, "In Balance" (Original Mix).
09. Delysid, "Traumatic Injury" (Amplify Remix).
10. Astralex & Riff Ruff, "Solid Layers" (Original Mix).
11. Ital, "Animated Sound" (Original Mix).
12. Shekinah, "My Way" (Original Mix).
13. Virtual Light & Te Tuna, "Castlevania" (Te Tuna Remix).
14. Sixsense, "Under Explosions" (Original Mix).
15. Sixsense, "Balbala" (Original Mix).
16. Cortex & N3xu5, "Auto Sync" (Cortex Remix).
17. Hypnocoustics, "Hippies In The Mist" (Original Mix).
18. Israeli Sphinx, "Rebuild" (Original Mix).
19. Kor, "Run Run Funky Rabbit" (Original Mix).

This set was mixed live on CD players. The venue had a Pioneer DJM-800 for a mixer, and a pair of CDJ-900's for decks. I took a signal off the record-out into a Sony PCM-M10 audio recorder.

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