Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Self-Ground a Technics 1200 Turntable

About a year ago, Fred Bissnette and I filmed a video that showed do-it-yourself technicians how to self-ground a Technics 1200-series turntable, so you no longer need to attach a grounding wire to the mixer. No more feedback or annoying hum from improperly grounded turntables! I cut it up into five parts and posted it on YouTube (because of the ten-minute file limit at the time) and in the past year, the videos have had tens of thousands of views. So now that my account has been upgraded to allow for long-length videos, I figured it would be worthwhile to spend a bit of time and to re-post the video in its original, full-length version.

Basically, the video teaches any competent home-repair buff how to do the job themselves and save a significant "upgrade" fee, with just a milk crate, phillips screwdriver, wire strippers (or knife), and a soldering iron. The modification is actually quite simple, and the video explains how to ground it properly, so that the deck is properly grounded for all types of cartridges, without rending your turntable in mono. Please note that we shall not assume responsibility for any damages to your turntable incurred while attempting this repair. However, watch the entire video, and you'll see that a competent DIY handyman can quickly and easily perform this task at home.

Here's a link to the new, full-length version:


Again, many thanks to Fred Bissnette (DJ Nexus6ix) for his assistance with this video.

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