Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remixing Disco Classics - Duck Sauce

I played a track for an old friend of mine (Ian) last night. It was by a collaboration that goes by the name of "Duck Sauce," and is composed of Armand van Helden & A-Trak. If you were DJ'ing or clubbing in the 90's, you'll know Armand quite well, for releasing track such as "The Witch Doctor," "My My My," "The Funk Phenomena," "You Don't Know Me," and dozens of others. I have tons of his vinyl kicking around my studio. You'll also recognize the name A-Trak if you read this blog fairly regularly - he was the 1997 world DMC champion, and the brother of the lead singer from Chromeo (whom I featured here a couple weeks ago).

Anyway, the song is called "Barbara Streisand," and it came out back at WMC in March, which of course is the launch point for a huge number of dance floor anthems. Here's a link to the video:


Anyway, when I started to play it, Ian got pretty excited. Ian is a child of the disco era, and he recognized the tune. It took him about five minutes to place it, but in the end, he nailed it. Check out this older recording of "Gotta Go Home" by Boney M:


But ironically, Boney M also covered this track:


The disco era was essentially comparable to "The Macarena," if I could use that comparison. Immensely popular for a while, then it got to be so predominant that there was a backlash and people started to detest it. The beginning of the end of the disco era was Disco Demolition Night at Chicago's Cominsky Park in the summer of 1979. However, with the number of remixes of disco classics that are coming out these dances and rocking the dance floors, you might start to think that the disco era was simply ahead of its time.

Put a comment here if you can think of any disco classics that you'd like to see sampled (or even remade) as a modern day track.