Monday, October 11, 2010

Live from Daryl's House

Anyone who knows their 80's retro has heard of "Hall & Oates," more properly known as Daryl Hall and John Oates. They had quite a large number of well known songs: "Private Eyes," "Kiss Is On My List," "Out Of Touch," "I Can't Go For That," and "Maneater" are just a few of nearly three dozen Billboard-ranked singles.

The story of how they met is kind of interesting. Both were leading separate bands at a "Battle Of The Bands" competition at the Adelphi Ballroom in Philadelphia, when the "Battle" got serious. Gunfire broke out between a couple of gangs, and there was a riot. They both were trying to make it to safety and ended up meeting each other in a service elevator. It also turned out that they were both attending Temple, and a while later, they started working together.

A few years ago, Daryl started broadcasting live musical jams from his own house, featuring a number of guest artist, representing everything from rock to soul to blues. He's got a website to archive all of these shows, at this link:

If you want to check something out, go to episode 33 (from a few months ago) which features a guest appearance by Train, from San Francisco. Each show is actually indexed so you can jump around pretty easily. There's a good performance of them singing, "Hey, Soul Sister."

Actually, there are all kinds of great performances, so I shouldn't dwell on just that one. But if you have time, take some time to look around the website ...