Saturday, July 10, 2010

SHG Radio Show Episode 020

Para la información en español, vaya aquí.

Welcome to this week's edition of Subterranean Homesick Grooves™, a weekly electronica-based radio show presented on CHMA FM 106.9 at Mount Allison University in Atlantic Canada. The show is normally programmed and mixed by Jonathan Clark (as DJ Bolivia), although some weeks feature guest mixes by other Canadian DJ's. The show encompasses many sub-genres within the realm of electronic dance music, but the main focus is on progressive and tribal house, and a bit of trance & techno. Liner notes for this episode (020) can be seen below.

Para la información en español, vaya aquí.

By the way, if you're looking for DJ mixes in styles other than progressive/tech-house, check out That page has a number of mainstream/top40 dance mixes (the "Workout Mix" series), as well as some deep house, drum and bass, and other styles.

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Older episodes of the show are not directly available from our main servers anymore, to conserve space for more recent episodes. However, all older episodes have been posted individually on SoundCloud, and also in archives of 25 episodes apiece (convenient for bulk downloading) from DJ Bolivia's Public Dropbox folder. That Dropbox link also has folders for individual tracks and remixes, project files and stem collections for producers who want to make their own remixes, videos, and other material. You don't even need to have a Dropbox account to download files from it.

Here’s a link so you can listen to the show or download it from SoundCloud:

Here are Track Listings for episode 020:

01. Claro Intelecto, "Signifier."
02. Office Gossip, "Downtime."
03. Marco Carola, "Get Set."
04. Limacon, "The Ride."
05. Elektranik, "August Sunshine."
06. LA Style, "James Brown Is Dead" (Nic B Remix).
07. N. Coles & D. Corker, "Galactic."
08. Joris Voorn, "Blank."
09. Jim Rivers, "I Go Deep."
10. Deemah, "Open Up The Sky."
11. A. Caytas & A. Patz, "Bungawe" (UGLH & Federico Locchi Remix).
12. Jakt & Jeff Math, "OTBOTH" (La Flaca Edit).

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This week's show was guest mixed by Nick Nonsense, a DJ and producer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I first met Nick about ten or twelve years ago, when he was booked to play at an after-hours party at the club that I was running. He already had a great reputation in the industry at the time, and his involvement since then has only increased. This mix is one that I particularly enjoyed, and I think you'll see another guest mix from him on this show in the near future.

For links to some of the pages for a couple of the Atlantic Canadian artists represented in this mix, check out these pages:

Deemah on MySpace:
Deemah on SoundCloud:

Jakt & Jeff Math, MySpace:
Jakt & Jeff Math, SoundCloud:

Go to the Mix Downloads page on the main DJ Bolivia website if you'd like to check out a number of our older mixes, or visit our SoundCloud page for individual tracks and remixes.

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