Friday, March 12, 2010

SHG Radio Show Episode 009

Here we are with episode number nine of Subterranean Homesick Grooves™, a weekly electronica-based radio show presented on CHMA FM 106.9 at Mount Allison University in Atlantic Canada, programmed and mixed by Jonathan Clark (as DJ Bolivia). The show encompasses many sub-genres within the realm of electronic dance music, but the main focus is on progressive and tribal house, and a bit of trance & techno. Liner notes for this episode (009) can be seen below.

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By the way, if you're looking for DJ mixes in styles other than progressive/tech-house, check out That page has a number of mainstream/top40 dance mixes (the "Workout Mix" series), as well as some deep house, drum and bass, and other styles.

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Older episodes of the show are not directly available from our main servers anymore, to conserve space for more recent episodes. However, all older episodes have been posted individually on SoundCloud, and also in archives of 25 episodes apiece (convenient for bulk downloading) from DJ Bolivia's Public Dropbox folder. That Dropbox link also has folders for individual tracks and remixes, project files and stem collections for producers who want to make their own remixes, videos, and other material. You don't even need to have a Dropbox account to download files from it.

Here’s a link so you can listen to the show or download it from SoundCloud:

Here are Track Listings for this episode:

01. Michael Woods & Chris Lake, "Domino's" (Original Mix).
02. Python, "Cult."
03. Nicky Romero, "My Friend" (Original Mix).
04. Quintino, "You Know What" (Leroy Styles Remix).
05. Rafael Crispim, "Jail" (Original Mix).
06. Niaz Arca & Andy Notalez, "In Space" (Progressive Mix).
07. Coburn, "We ReInterrupt This Programme" (Will Bailey & Mikey Hook Remix).
08. Deadmau5, "Hi Friend" (Original Mix).
09. Soundpusher, "Milk & Honey" (Felguk Mix).
10. Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska, & Jaren, "Man On The Run" (Dash Berlin Remix).
11. Paul Kalkbrenner, "Sky And Sand" (Original Mix).

More information is available on our Website:

When I mix these shows, I make them using CD's, rather than sequencing everything on a computer. I know, call me old-fashioned, but I like the hands-on approach. It was hard enough for me to switch away from vinyl, but of course, it is nearly impossible to get all the tracks that I want on vinyl nowadays. I think that in early 2011, once I have my new studio finished and I'm settled into a full-time career as a musician, I'll probably start putting the shows together on a sequencer. Especially since I want to figure out some way to get a slot for the show on Sirius XM next year, once I have a few dozen more shows under my belt. Think big, that's what I say. But anyway, in the meantime, you'll have to settle for all of these episodes mixed in the traditional way.

This week's show was actually a bit of a challenge to mix. I won't lie - a few of the mixes are not perfect. That's the problem with trying to be a bit diverse in my programming. I've got a variety of tracks this week which (to me) encompass everything from progressive house, trance, and traditional house, to techno influences, and more. Trying to flow smoothly between styles isn't always easy, especially when the phone keeps ringing while I'm recording. On a side note, now that I'm about to be laid off, I think that the one thing that I'm looking forward to the most is not having to carry a cell phone anymore.

Anyway, on to some liner notes. I'm just going to focus on the big four tracks here this week. I know, that seems illogical, since any devoted followers of my show probably know a fair amount about those producers. However, I think my listener base is still composed of more mainstream fans than trainspotters, so for this week, I'll stick with some of the big names:

Coburn (UK) – Well, the original that this is based on was an older track by Pete Martin and Tim Healey, from 2005. You may have seen the video for that original, “We Interrupt This Program” – it featured a lot of footage of televisions that were “committing suicide.” This track is sort of a remix. On a side note, completely unrelated to this track, I don’t actually have television at home. I have no patience with it – television is the spawn of the devil . I found a perverse satisfaction watching all of those TV’s being “turned off.” People could do so much more exciting stuff in life if they cut back on their TV watching. Everything in moderation. I’m not saying that television is completely bad, but it depresses me to think that some people spend forty or fifty hours a week watching TV when they could just as easily spend half of that time being out and about, doing other things. But whom am I to judge?

Deadmau5 (Canada) - Yup, a Canadian. I really don’t know what to say here that isn’t already slathered all over the internet. There are always lots of arguments on Canadian message boards about who is the Canadian DJ with the best “brand-name recognition.” People throw out all sorts of good names: Ritchie Hawtin, MSTRKRFT, John Acquaviva, & Max Graham are the names which, in my mind, give Deadmau5 the most competition. And of course, there are a TON of other Canadian DJ’s (and producers) who you might not have even known as Canadians: Luke Fair, Christian Smith, Tiga, Brad Copeland, Chris Sheppard (BKS, Love Inc.), Misstress Barbara, Hatiras, JELO, Paranoid Jack, Sultan, Ned Sheppard, Fred Everything, Jay Tripwire, and umm … I’ll stop now. And I haven’t even mentioned any of the Atlantic Canadian DJ’s. Anyway, you’d have to be crazy to look at items like global record sales, touring schedules, internet presence, radio play, and similar metrics, and NOT realize that Deadmau5 is “the” person who is currently putting Canada on the map when it comes to production and touring. End of argument (I would personally place Hawtin at 2nd spot). By the way, I know that Deadmau5 is Canadian and it’s a small country, but no, I don’t actually know him personally.

Dash Berlin (Netherlands) – Ok, this gets a bit complicated. Pronti & Kalmani, along with another producer (DJ Jurgen) and a vocalist (Judith Pronk) were known as Alice DJ about a decade ago. Pronti & Kalmani got together as Dash Berlin in 2007. Is this the same Dash Berlin? I don’t know. Other reports say that Dash Berlin is Jeff X. Sutorius, who is the front DJ for the group. And “Man On The Run” is by Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren. Well, “Cerf” is Matt Cerf (had a track entitled “Clearwater” which I used to start a mix a while ago), and Jaren is Matt Cerf’s wife (and a talented singer). Mitiska is Shawn Mitiska from Denver. So much confusion. Anyway, this is a great track.

Paul Kalkbrenner (Germany) – Go see the movie “Berlin Calling,” if you haven’t already seen it. If you don’t speak German, you’ll probably have to deal with subtitles. Doesn’t matter – watch it. If you like EDM (electronic dance music), you’ll probably enjoy the movie.

I'll be back next week ...

- Jonathan Clark (DJ Bolivia)

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