Sunday, January 20, 2013

Upbeat Workout Music, Mix #09

As I'm writing this post, on Sunday evening, I'm sitting on a sunny balcony in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm eight floors up, so the traffic going by underneath is pretty easy to hear. And in the past hour, I've heard vehicles go by that were blasting three separate songs that I put onto this mix. I guess that means they're popular.

Incidentally, I was doing some work tidying up my main website a few days ago, and I did up a simple page to make it easier for people to download all the workout mixes from a single source. Click here to see it.

The mix is a continuous music mix which is an hour long, and anyone can download it (the link is underneath the track listings). This mix is for demo purposes only, and commercial resale or redistribution is not permitted.

Here are Track Listings for Workout Mix #09:

01. Jessie J, "Domino" (DJ Slider Club Mix).
02. Havana Brown feat Pitbull, "We Run the Night."
03. Katy Perry, "Part Of Me" (DJ Skeet Club Remix).
04. Psy, "Gangnam Style" (MaxiGroove Remix).
05. David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj, "Turn Me On" (Paul Byrne Extended Mix).
06. One Direction, "Live While We're Young" (Dave Audé Club Mix).
07. Flo Rida, "Whistle" (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix).
08. Kylie Minogue, "Timebomb" (Steven Redant & Phil Romano Club Mix).
09. Usher, "Scream" (8Barz Remix).
10. Madonna, "Girl Gone Wild" (Justin Cognito Extended Mix).
11. Rihanna, "Where Have You Been" (Hardwell Club Mix).
12. Pitbull, "Back In Time" (DJ CeeJay).
13. One Direction, "What Makes You Beautiful" (Lenny B Extended Vocal Remix).
14. Nicki Minaj, "Pound The Alarm" (Edson Pride Club Mix).
15. Carly Rae Jepson, "This Kiss" (Digital Dog Club Mix).
16. Calvin Harris feat Florence Welch, "Sweet Nothing" (Extended Mix).

Note: If you're trying to track down remixes listed above and they sound different than what you're hearing in this mix, it's because I do a lot of specific editing of my own to each track before I put the mix together, and there is a lot of extra percussion added.

This mix can be downloaded as part of an archive of all 12 of DJ Bolivia's older workout mixes, from the following Google Drive link:

The mixes (produced between 2010 and 2014) are compressed as a RAR archive, which can be opened natively in Windows.  If you're using a Mac, you can use a free utility to open the RAR (popular examples are "The Unarchiver" and the "UnRarX" app).  The password to open the archive is simply 'bolivia' and the size of the download is 1.6 gigabytes.  If you have problems downloading this archive from the above Google Drive link, you can email DJ Bolivia at for an alternate download link.

Additional information about finding any of DJ Bolivia's older mixes can be found at this link:

Thanks for your interest in these old historical mixes!

To download any of the previous mixes in the Workout Music series, go to:

I've got lots of other upbeat electronica mixes available on my DJ website, on the Mix Downloads page. Admittedly, there aren't too many mixes there [yet] that are exclusively club dance tracks, but there are a lot of house/trance mixes that I find to be pretty good to listen to when I'm going running. Or driving. Or doing any sort of mindless task where I just want some energetic beats to listen to. Most of them are about an hour long, to fit onto a standard CD. Check them out, maybe you'd enjoy some of them? And click here if you're interested in one of my favorites, a massive four-hour mix that I made of classic dance tracks from the late 1990's and early 2000's.

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