Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jay Hamilton

Today, Canada lost an amazing man to a short fight with cancer, and a lot of us lost a good friend. As a DJ, Jay Hamilton started in the midwest and then perhaps made his biggest impact on the East Coast music scene, and more recently lived in Toronto. I think of him mostly because of his years in Halifax, but he and his music were known by many across the country.

There are many positive things that I could say about Jay, but I wouldn't know where to start. I keep remembering the many times that I was at music events and he'd pop up suddenly with a smile and come over to say hello. There were many great conversations that we shared, predominantly about music and production. Let's leave it at that, and let me share some of his music with you:

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives. Jay lived his life as a role model for others, and his memory will live on in a lot of people ...