Friday, August 24, 2012

SHG Radio Show, Episode 127

Welcome to this week's edition of Subterranean Homesick Grooves™, a weekly electronica-based radio show presented originally on CHMA FM 106.9 at Mount Allison University in Atlantic Canada (but expanded to a distribution on other terrestrial radio stations), and also distributed as a global podcast through iTunes and numerous other sites. The show is normally programmed and mixed by Jonathan Clark (as DJ Bolivia), although some weeks feature guest mixes by other Canadian DJ's. The show encompasses many sub-genres within the realm of electronic dance music, but the main focus is definitely on progressive and tribal house, and a small amount of trance & techno. Liner notes for this episode (SHG 127) can be seen below.

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By the way, if you're looking for DJ mixes in styles other than progressive/tech-house, check out That page has a number of mainstream/top40 dance mixes (the "Workout Mix" series), as well as some deep house, drum and bass, and other styles.

Here's our Podcast Feed to paste into iTunes or any other podcatcher:

Older episodes of the show are not directly available from our main servers anymore, to conserve space for more recent episodes. However, all older episodes have been posted individually on SoundCloud, and also in archives of 25 episodes apiece (convenient for bulk downloading) from DJ Bolivia's Public Dropbox folder. That Dropbox link also has folders for individual tracks and remixes, project files and stem collections for producers who want to make their own remixes, videos, and other material. You don't even need to have a Dropbox account to download files from it.

Here’s a link so you can listen to the show or download it from SoundCloud:

First, my apologies for the intermittent release schedule of the episodes of the last couple of weeks, while I was in a remote part of northern British Columbia. I am back into "civilization" now, and I'll be releasing these radio shows on a more regular schedule, and I also have several upcoming individual tracks to release. I'm looking forward to a musically productive fall and winter!

This week's show starts off a bit darker than usual. I didn't plan it that way, but when I listened to a bunch of the tracks in the first half of the mix they seemed to be especially suited for each other. You'll also probably notice a familiar track at the end if you've been following the show carefully. "Runnin" was also featured a few episodes, although I used the Manuel De La Mare mix that time, instead of the Club Mix that I used in this week's show.

Here are Track Listings for episode 127:

01. ME, "Everless" (Original Mix).
02. FRJ, "New Order Of The Acid" (Original Mix).
03. DAP feat Lance De Sardi, "Brush Your Lips" (Original Mix).
04. Stephan Bazbaz, "Hurt Me" (Mihai Popoviciu Morning Dub Mix).
05. Phonogenic & Sasse, "Control" (Alexi Delano Remix).
06. Alle Farben, "Blue Jester" (Till Krueger Remix).
07. Nerey, "Axial Symmetry" (Original Mix).
08. Guy J, "Lost & Found" (Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur Remix).
09. Vlada Asanin & Yas Cepeda, "Bring Me Back" (Original Mix).
10. Siwell, "The Calling" (Original Mix).
11. Daniel Sanchez, "Make My Day" (Reinterpretation Mix Of Classic Grooves).
12. DJ Chus, Sonny Wharton, & El Chino Dreadlion, "Runnin" (Club Mix).

Here are links to either personal websites, MySpace pages, or [usually] the SoundCloud pages for a few of the original artists and remixers/producers listed above:

Stephan Bazbaz (Israel)
Mihai Popoviciu (Romania)
Phonogenic (Finland)
Sasse (Germany)
Alle Farben (Germany)
Till Krueger (Germany)
Nerey (Spain)
Guy J (Israel)
Sahar Z (Israel)
Guy Mantzur (Israel)
Vlada Asanin (Spain)
Yas Cepeda (Spain)
Siwell (Italy)
DJ Chus (Spain)
Sonny Wharton (Britain)

If you're a producer who is interested in submitting music for possible inclusion on future episodes of SHG, visit DJ Bolivia's SoundCloud dropbox. Please note that not all submitted mixes will be played on the show. If you have a track that fits the format (progressive and/or tech-house), then your chances of having the track featured will increase.

Subterranean Homesick Grooves is a weekly specialty EDM music show with a basic weekly audience base of about 1500 listeners per week through podcasting and direct downloads, another hundred or so listeners through SoundCloud, and an unknown number of listeners through terrestrial FM broadcast. If you're a radio station programming director, and would like to add Subterranean Homesick Grooves to your regular programming lineup, contact for details. We currently release SHG as an advance download to a number of stations globally on a weekly basis (at no charge), and we welcome inquiries from additional outlets.

Go to the Mix Downloads page on the main DJ Bolivia website if you'd like to check out a number of our older shows, or visit our SoundCloud page for individual tracks and remixes.

We also have a file containing complete track listings from all of DJ Bolivia's radio shows, studio mixes, and live sets. The PDF version can be viewed from within your browser by clicking directly. Both the PDF and the Excel versions can be downloaded by right-clicking and choosing the "save link as" option:

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