Sunday, January 30, 2011

Upbeat Workout Music, Mix #01

[This post was originally posted in my personal blog on October 29th, 2010, but since people have been searching here on my music blog for this info and not finding it, I figured that I'd better copy the post into this blog to avoid confusion].

This week was my roommate Kati's birthday, so I decided to put together a dance music mix, for her to listen to when she goes running. A lot of people listen to other mixes from my website when they're running or working out, but I figured that this time, instead of using house & trance music, I'd use mainstream club dance tracks which are a lot more well known.

The mix is an hour long, and anyone can download it (the download link is near the bottom of this post). I actually used the same mix for my "Subterranean Homesick Grooves" radio show this week, to give it a bit of a bigger audience. However, the mix that you can download in the link above doesn't have the radio station promos in it, so it will be better if it's being played in a gym.

Here are Track Listings for Workout Mix #01:

01. Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream" (Liam Keegan Remix).
02. Dresden & Johnston, "Keep Faith" (Original Club Mix).
03. Afrojack, "Take Over Control" (Original Mix).
04. Kaci Battaglia & Ludacris, "Body Shots" (Dave Aude Club Mix).
05. Robyn, "Dancing On My Own" (Buzz Junkies Club Mix).
06. Hyper Crush, "Keep Up" (Tony Arzadon Remix).
07. Lady Gaga, "Alejandro" (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Baur Radio Mix).
08. Antoine Clamaran, "Gold" (Thomas Gold Remix).
09. La Roux, "Bulletproof" (Dave Aude Club Mix).
10. Stromae, "Alors On Danse" (DJ's From Mars Club Remix).
11. Taio Cruz, "Dynamite" (Mixin' Marc Club Remix).
12. Far East Movement, "Like A G6" (Disco Fries Remix).
13. Duck Sauce, "Barbara Streisand" (O God Remix).
14. Ke$ha, "Take It Off" (Jake Walmsley 2010 Electro Remix).
15. Flo Rida, "Club Can't Handle Me" (David Guetta Remix).

To download any of the previous mixes in the Workout Music series, go to:

It was pretty fun putting this mix together, since it was a bit of a change from the usual style of my radio shows. This is the type of music that I use when I'm playing club nights around home. I've already decided that I'm going to put together a mix in this style about once every six to eight weeks as a change of pace on the radio show, and I'll post them in this blog as a "workout mix" series. If you like this one, you can look forward to the next one on December 17th.

I've got many more upbeat electronica mixes available on my DJ website, on the Mix Downloads page. Admittedly, there aren't too many mixes there [yet] that are exclusively club dance tracks, but there are a lot of house/trance mixes that I find to be pretty good to listen to when I'm going running. Or driving. Or doing any sort of mindless task where I just want some energetic beats to listen to. Most of them are about an hour long, to fit onto a standard CD. Check them out, maybe you'd enjoy some of them?

Finally, if you like this mix, please forward the link on to any of your friends who might also enjoy it!

This mix can be downloaded as part of an archive of all 12 of DJ Bolivia's older workout mixes, from the following Google Drive link:

The mixes (produced between 2010 and 2014) are compressed as a RAR archive, which can be opened natively in Windows.  If you're using a Mac, you can use a free utility to open the RAR (popular examples are "The Unarchiver" and the "UnRarX" app).  The password to open the archive is simply 'bolivia' and the size of the download is 1.6 gigabytes.  If you have problems downloading this archive from the above Google Drive link, you can email DJ Bolivia at for an alternate download link.

Additional information about finding any of DJ Bolivia's older mixes can be found at this link:

Thanks for your interest in these old historical mixes!

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